Amy Hiley

Illustration: Amy Hiley
  1. The ecological crisis is proven to be urgent.
  2. Widespread changes in the way we behave/consume must be implemented to prevent further environmental and species collapse.

A recent visit to the psychologist highlighted the need for a curriculum update

Illustration: Amy Hiley

Years of experimenting with low doses of LSD has me questioning the method’s long-term efficacy


Moving from psychedelic routine to spot-treatment

Kristina Johnson

Notes from the Mind Medicine Australia launch

My only photo that night

But it might make you realize it’s time to move on

Photo: yngsa/iStock/Getty Images Plus

How a trip to space brought me back home to myself

Graphics by Magic Theatre Studio

How small, ritual doses have drastically improved my life and reshaped my perception

Illustration: Marta Pucci

Marta Pucci

Erica Avey

Writer and editor of SPECTRA Poets. Ex-émigré, based in San Francisco.

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